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rocker_fur's Journal

Feral and Metal.... who could want more
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Furry Metal Community
This is a collection of metal, rock and roll and all things that make you crank your ipod up till your ears bleed. Want to discuss Van Halens latest gig, bitch about Motely Crue and thier new album or count the drugs ozzy has done 1 post at a time, bring it here

Also post videos that completely rock. New, old, its been seen before I dont care, I am going to crosspost the links to a video only LJ once I get some posts in.

Hop on in, grab a beer with a roo and talk.

This is a furry lj, if you got a problem with it, get yourself a coat hanger and a time machine and take care of it on your own time. This is not the place to take out your angst because you were named "accident" "oops..." or "oh shit it broke"

That being said, rock on...